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Die Gründe hinter dem momentanen Boom auf dem Dashcam-Markt


Die Nachfrage nach den beliebten Dashcamera hat in den vergangenen Jahren immer weiter zugenommen.

Berlin / Munich / Hamburg The demand for the popular dashcamera has increased steadily over the past few years. This is mainly due to the numerous advantages that a car camera brings with it. Not only does it have many different functions, but it can also be used in a variety of ways at the same time. We have listed the important reasons for you that explain the current boom on the dashcamera market.

Dashcam - what exactly is behind it?
A dashcam is also known as a car camera. More and more vehicle owners are choosing to use a dashcam. The car camera not only records the entire route, but also the surrounding traffic situation. The use of a dashcam brings a multitude of advantages. This explains the absolute hype about this particular type of camera. The car camera can now be purchased both online and in retail and is attached to the windshield or on the dashboard. It has a large number of different functions and sensors. This concerns both the loop function and the G-sensor or the acceleration sensor. The vehicle owner can freely choose the individual functions. A permanent recording of the road traffic is of course also possible.

7 reasons why more and more vehicle owners are choosing to buy a dashcam
There are plenty of reasons why more and more vehicle owners are choosing to purchase a car camera. We have summarized the most important reasons for you:

Reason 1: The recorded image material can be used as evidence
The absolute feature of the dash camera is the permanent video and image recording, using the loop function. If the driver is involved in an accident, the recorded images can be used as evidence by the police or in court. However, data protection must always be observed. For example, the image and video material may not be passed on to third parties or published on the Internet. However, the records can make it easier to resolve a traffic accident. This applies not only to traffic, but also to the parking lot. Vandalism on vehicles is no longer uncommon these days. If the parked vehicle is damaged, this can also be clarified with the help of the car camera. This is a crucial reason

Reason 2: An extensive assistance system
The car camera is particularly popular due to its numerous different functions. It is primarily about the driver assistance system. The driver assistance system comprises numerous individual functions that make driving easier for the driver and also guarantee a high level of safety. This includes, for example, the acceleration sensor. The acceleration sensor seals the recorded video with a so-called write protection in the event of an accident. This feature ensures that the recorded video is not overwritten. Another function is the GPS receiver. The GPS receiver determines the data of the respective position of the vehicle. It also determines the associated speed and individual acceleration processes. The lane departure assistant is a very helpful function. As the name suggests, the lane departure warning ensures that the driver does not cross the lane. The last function is the distance warning. This is known, among other things, under the name Front Collisions Warning System. The distance warning ensures that the driver maintains a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front. The corresponding distance is always related to the respective braking distance. This is the only way to prevent a possible traffic accident. that the driver maintains a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front. The corresponding distance is always related to the respective braking distance. This is the only way to prevent a possible traffic accident. that the driver maintains a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front. The corresponding distance is always related to the respective braking distance. This is the only way to prevent a possible traffic accident.

Reason 3: The car camera draws the driver's attention to upcoming traffic signs.
The car camera recognizes the upcoming traffic signs at an early stage and alerts the driver to them by means of warning signals. For example, it can be the known speed limits as well as a possible exit. This enables the driver to concentrate better on the road traffic. In addition, the driver bypasses a possible speed camera trap and thus saves himself a large fine. This is another advantage that the car camera brings and also another reason that explains the boom in the dashcam market.

Reason 4: Special records from the vacation route
The car camera can of course also be used on vacation. The roads and the surrounding natural landscape look completely different outside of Germany. It is therefore interesting for many drivers to record the holiday route with the help of the car camera. The driver can later watch the recorded video in peace. With the help of the GPS sensor, the traveled route can also be completely reconstructed.

Reason 5: A very versatile use
The dashcamera can be used very versatile. It can not only be attached in the vehicle, on the windshield, but also on the handlebars of your bike. If you would like to go on a spontaneous bike tour and want to record the route, then simply attach your dashcamera to the handlebars. The corresponding functions remain exactly the same. The car camera can also be installed in different positions in the vehicle. Many car owners choose a position in the upper part of the windshield. However, should this impair the driver's field of vision, the dash camera can also be attached to the dashboard.

Reason 6: car cameras can be used legally
On May 15, 2018, the Federal Court of Justice approved the legal use of car cameras in Germany. Since then, the dash cameras have been legally allowed to be installed in the vehicles by the vehicle owners and the recorded image and video material can be used under certain regulations. This means that the vehicle owner is not liable to prosecution by using it and can also use the recorded image material as evidence in the event of an accident. The legalization of car cameras naturally has a positive effect on purchase demand and is therefore another reason why more and more vehicle owners are deciding to purchase a dashcam.

Reason 7: The use of car cameras in the vehicle fleet
The car cameras are not only used by private vehicle owners, but also in companies and businesses. A company that has a fleet of vehicles is deciding more and more to use a dash camera. These not only control the route taken by the driver, but also the vehicle itself. This means that it is possible to trace exactly which route the driver has traveled and when he has taken certain breaks.

The car cameras have continued to develop in recent years. There are now a large number of different models in the market segment intended for this. Each one inspires due to its individual advantages. Before you decide to purchase a car camera, it is advisable to check the respective functions of the relevant model in advance. This will then make it easier for you to decide on the right model.
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