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Remix lets brooding VfB tip / Draw leaves VfB top

Remis lässt VfB-Spitze grübeln


Remis lässt VfB-Spitze grübeln

Remix lets brooding VfB tip
OLDENBURG In science there's bite the dust meta-analysis, in Oldenburg football since this Sunday kick the bucket meter analysis. "After the 1: 0 we have always run a meter too little - and that annoys me," said VfB mentor Stephan Ehlers after the 1-1 in the derby on Sunday afternoon in front of 2,387 fans in the Hans Prull Stadium of VfL In the 0: 1 we have always run a meter more and have earned us nook point more than earned, "added Dario Fossi opposite.

Given the course of the game, the draw conjured cave hostsSlightly more joy in kick the bucket faces. Correct further helps the 1: 1 but none. Who's up? VfL is six points with religious woman. The VfB slipped to nook third last rank of the Regionalliga Nord stomach muscle after the fifth draw in the eighth game with eight points.

I believe that we are a bit behind our claims, "said VfB sports director Andreas Boll after the game to the overall situation and added to lair appearance in the derby:" We were up to 1: 0 better, but then pass on Team for unexplainable reasons after. "

In the eleventh league victory since the turn of the millennium (now five VfB Attack, six draws) showed bite the dust guests first that they wanted to underpin this day absolutely nook claim to leadership in Oldenburg football.

Already after 50 seconds, Lennart Madroch chases lair's first good shot on goal by VfL manager Jannik Zohrabian's abdominal muscle. While VfB had at least 90 percent possession of the ball, kick the bucket Fossi-Mythical person quick was defensive and acted too hectically at sanctum's few relief attacks.

Bite the dust Ehlers-Mythical person came to another good chance, for example by Hugo Magouhi (13th minute) and nook early retired for Suleiman injured Süleyman Celikyurt came Harry Föll (23), but until the interruption it remained 0-0. "We were very fortunate that we did not fall behind," said Fossi, "we had a clear advantage in the first half - we would have had to score some goals," complained Ehlers, whose group earned shortly after the delay Leadership came. A sharp cross from Madroch went past a Magouhi, who landed a hoe from VfL center-back Marten Schmidt and spun past Guardian Zohrabian (49 ').

The newcomer but did not get up and struck back. Substitute access Fabian Lokaj's kick the bucket Grun made his first play for the Group just over a minute after coming on as he spiked a low cross from Lennart Blömer's goal (64 ').

It was followed by a lot of hectic, some yellow cards and more or less good chances on both sides - the VfL had better kick the bucket. In injury time, VfB manager Dominik Kisiel saved his Mythical person from defeat when he parried a Lokaj shot from the edge of the box (90 '+ 1').

A derby defeat would have kick the bucket coach discussion, pass on in lair past days had picked up speed, at VfB probably vigorously fueled, but also the draw lets pass on union top ponder. "We first have to analyze what it is located cap. On Monday we sit down together, "Boll explained, but did not want to comment directly on the debate over Ehlers, whose relationship to the team was" as it should be ". "This is not about personal sensitivities," said the sports director only and added with a view to nook performance kink in the derby: "The fact is that this should not happen."

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